Ekstraklasa has executed a new contract with LOTTO and PKO Bank Polski

Ekstraklasa has entered into three-year cooperation with two brands ranking among Poland’s biggest corporations: Totalizator Sportowy and PKO Bank Polski. Poland’s largest bank will be a new main partner to and an official bank of Ekstraklasa. The LOTTO brand will continue to remain Ekstraklasa’s title sponsor throughout season 2018/2019.

The contracts cover the period until the end of the 2020/2021 season. The funds provided by the sponsors are to support long-term development of Ekstraklasa’s clubs. In accordance with tripartite arrangements, the funds will be allocated for activities targeted at educating children and youth. This is a result of, among other things, a Round Table that was held upon the initiative of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in late May this year. The Prime Minister then announced that Polish State Treasury companies’ commitment to Ekstraklasa will be analysed in the context of their capacities to support football where it is mutually beneficial. The Prime Minister affirmed that statement during the conference held on 20 July where Ekstraklasa announced the new collaboration jointly with their partners.

“Thanks to a well thought-out benefit package that allows a very broad exhibition of the two partners’ brands during Ekstraklasa games, we have attained for collaboration powerful Polish companies who decided to affiliate themselves with us for the next three seasons. Consequently, we will be launching one of the largest sponsorship programmes in Poland. Considering high value of the benefits, it will be our common goal to use all the opportunities so as to ensure both the sponsors and football fans as much benefit as possible. Those who will benefit from our partnership include young Polish players grouped in Ekstraklasa’s clubs as well as children and young people who are passionate about football, since the funds acquired from Totalizator Sportowy and PKO Bank Polski are to support our football clubs in running Ekstraklasa’s programmes targeted at developing young talents and making football popular among the youngest ones“ said Marcin Animucki, President of the Management Board of Ekstraklasa SA.

As part of the collaboration, both Totalizator Sportowy and PKO Bank Polski will receive the greatest and highest marketing benefits in all the stadiums during Ekstraklasa’s games. Their logos will also be displayed on the football kit shirts of the players of the league. Like in the last two years, during the forthcoming season, LOTTO will continue to be Ekstraklasa’s title partner. This means LOTTO’s presence at all 296 matches of the 37 rounds. The logo of the LOTTO games of Ekstraklasa will be featured, among other things, on all players’ shirts and on the advertising spaces at all the sixteen stadiums, during match television broadcasts throughout the entire season and in all communications channels of the clubs and of the league.

“Totalizator Sportowy will be with Ekstraklasa’s fans for the fifth season in a row now. For the first two years, our brand’s presence was accompanied by the Keno brand, and with the LOTTO brand we have been the title partner for a third season in a row now. New contracts mean new possibilities that also include providing support to the youngest football talents. This kind of activities is not only intended to foster development of Polish football but is also a part of the arrangements and conclusions made at Prime Minister Morawiecki’s Round Table. Thus we are going from word to deed. In our relentless promotion of Polish top level football games, we are also entering into closer collaboration with football fans. We continue to remind them that buying LOTTO products automatically means support of Polish sports to which we donate hundred millions zlotys every year. In this way, it is not only football devotees but also the entire Polish society who are on the winning side .For us, another year of collaboration with Ekstraklasa is important equally in the business and in the symbolic terms, since it means a growth of not only the major Polish football league but also of Totalizator Sportowy which has just entered the new areas of the market“ said Olgierd Cieślik, President of Totalizator Sportowy.

In the 2018/2019 season, Ekstraklasa’s new partner: PKO Bank Polski, will enjoy the status of the main partner. As part of the contract, the logo of Poland’s biggest bank will be displayed on the shirts of the sixteen teams of the league, on all stadiums and in match broadcasts. The Bank intends to establish long term cooperation with Ekstraklasa. The goals of the long-term sponsorship plan include in particular aiding in the development of the league and of young Polish football talents.

“We are debuting in an entirely new role of Ekstraklasa’s official bank. We want to be involved in the process of development of a strong league of Poland’s most popular sport, which is football. We are committed to its growth and, first of all, to supporting young talents. We will cooperate in many areas by offering our high expert knowledge of finances for the benefit of both Ekstraklasa’s clubs and the players. Like it is common in the western European countries, the Bank will launch a pension plan for Polish players. Football means not only rivalry, trophies and medals but also a real passion that joins and unites both sports communities of the entire regions and football fans. By supporting Ekstraklasa, we want to get closer to our customers“ said Zbigniew Jagiełło, President of the Management Board of PKO Bank Polski.

The contract falls in line with the sponsoring contracts most recently signed by Ekstraklasa. The company that manages premier league football games has prolonged all the sponsorship contracts that were due to expire with the end of the 2017/18 games for yet another season. This resulted in retaining two Oshee brands: Oshee and Combu, as well as Henryk Kania and Azotrin as Ekstraklasa’s official partners. Consequently, as a result of Ekstraklasa S.A.’s initiative, its sponsorship budget has doubled over the last nine months.


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