Ekstraklasa Live Park with 4K/UHD Van

Ekstraklasa Live Park, which produces the TV signal of LOTTO Ekstraklasa matches, has signed a contract for the purchase of a 4K / UHD transmission Van. The car will be manufactured thanks to a joint project of NEP and Broadcast Solutions GmbH.

NEP, who is the world's largest Outside Broadcasting service provider, has a vast and unique experience in the introduction to UHD formats and relays this experience to Ekstraklasa Live Park to ensure the right approach for a sustainable future UHD workflow.

- Our role is not only to broadcast matches in the highest quality, but also to keep up with development trends in our industry all over the world. The 4K standard is what will satisfy TV subscribers' requirements in Poland as well. Already today, a large percentage of TV sets purchased in showrooms are TVs with 4K matrices. And this is just the beginning of the revolution. Our new Van will be able to produce a signal in 4K quality with greater brightness and shade gradation than before. This new technology is called HDR (High Dynamic Range). - said Leszek Miklas, president of Ekstraklasa Live Park.

The OB that will be delivered is an example of Broadcast Solutions’ highly successful Streamline and Alphaline family of pre-configured, nearly off-the-shelf OB Vans. Transferring a complicated system integration into a product and with more than 40 examples already built, the Streamline and Alphaline OB Vans are the most successful OB Vans in the world. The new addition to Ekstraklasa’s fleet will be a Alphaline A16 16 camera OB Van able to work in HD and UHD formats. Construction has already begun, and the OB Van can be seen first on-site at Broadcast Solutions’ stand at this years’ IBC (Outdoor, OE.02).

In recent years, Ekstraklasa Live Park has conducted 4K technology tests at LOTTO Ekstraklasa matches. From next year, this solution may permanently enter the Polish league games. The first matches in Ultra HD quality will be broadcast from February 2019.


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