Ekstraklasa S.A. Supervisory Board chooses the new President
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During the November 9th session, The Ekstraklasa S.A. Supervisory Board chose its new President - Marcin Animucki - the acting President of the joint stock company, as well as its former former Vice President.

During the session, talks were held between candidates who took part in the competition. Some topics discussed were aimed at the goals of the organization, and the challenges ahead. During the voting, the Supervisory Board decided to put the organization in the hands of Mr. Animucki.

- The Board decided, that the experience and competence of Mr. Marcin Animucki, are by all means adequate to fulfill the duties of the President - said the Ekstraklasa S.A. Chairman Of The Board, Karol Klimczak. - It’s essential to create the best solution for the whole league.

All members of the Supvervisory Board declared they’re fully willing to cooperate with the new President, during the implementation of goals set by the Ekstraklasa clubs. The clubs are convinced that choosing Mr. Animucki as the new President, will be the next step of progress of Ekstraklasa S.A.

Biography of Marcin Animucki

From March 2012 till October 2017, Animucki was the Vice President of the joint-stock company, Ekstraklasa S.A. On October 9th he became the acting President, and on November 9th became the President of the organization.

From 2008 - 2016 he was a Member Of The Board of PZPN (The Polish Football Association). From 2008 - 2012 he was the President of RTS Widzew Łódź. Animucki is an alumnus of the University Of Warsaw, where he studied Law and Administration.

At Ekstraklasa he manages the strategic processes in terms of media rights, sales of centralized TV rights, and leads the cooperation between government and self-government administrations.

One of the successes of the new Ekstraklasa S.A. President is the innovative advisory agreement with MPSilva, which guarantees Ekstraklasa club, a 30% raise in revenue from TV rights. During his tenure, the two contracts (2015-15 and 2015-19) were higher than the previous ones. This has an immense meaning in the context of auctioning off the media rights starting in the 2019/20 season.


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