Ekstraklasa with the record-breaking revenues and a new Supervisory Board

The representatives of sixteen football clubs and of the Polish Football Association who participated in the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of Ekstraklasa S.A. (the “Company”) in Warsaw on 2 October reviewed the activities of the Management Board of the Company and elected new members of the Supervisory Board of Ekstraklasa – the company managing the games of the Polish football league. Marcin Animucki, President of the Management Board of Ekstraklasa was unequivocally granted the acknowledgement of the fulfilment of his duties. 

The Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting unanimously approved the report on the activity of the company and of the capital group as well as the financial statements of Ekstraklasa S.A. for the preceding financial year, which covered the period coinciding with the football games season of 2017/2018. During that time, Ekstraklasa S.A. reported record-breaking revenues of over 181 million zlotys, which is nearly 8 million zlotys more than in the last year. The consolidated revenues of the Capital Group (including the revenues of the daughter company: Ekstraklasa Live Park) grew too and exceeded 209 million zlotys, which is approximately 10 million zlotys more than a year before.


The spectacular growth of revenues is largely attributable to the organizational changes that the new Management Board has been implementing since October 2017. Ekstraklasa also reported growth in the revenues from the commercial activity of the Company for which Ekstraklasa’s Marketing and Sales Department is responsible.


- The work we have done together with our business partners in the past months has directly translated into generating increasingly higher revenues for the football clubs grouped in Ekstraklasa. We can already speak about a regular growth tendency. In the past season, we transferred to the clubs sums higher by 6.5 million zlotys than originally assumed in the budget. This was possible thanks to a reduction of the operating costs of the company and to generation of additional revenues. Consequently, in the 2017/2018 season, the member clubs of Ekstraklasa received in aggregate more than 156 million zlotys – said Marcin Animucki, President of the Management Board of Ekstraklasa S.A.


The sum of over PLN 156 million represents cash (over PLN 150 million) and counter-trade operations for nearly 6 million zlotys. Furthermore on the basis of agreement for the management of professional league executed between Ekstraklasa and the Polish Football Association, nearly 7 million zlotys went to the latter shareholder of Ekstraklasa. Consequently, Ekstraklasa’s shareholders received in aggregate the record-breaking sum of nearly 163 million zlotys for the 2017/2018 season.



Decisions of the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting 


The Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting elected the Supervisory Board for a new annual term of office. The following representatives of the four best Clubs of the last season automatically became members of the Supervisory Board:


•Dariusz Mioduski (Legia Warszawa); 

•Cezary Kulesza (Jagiellonia Białystok);

•Karol Klimczak (Lech Poznań); and

•Roman Kusz (Górnik Zabrze).

The other 12 Clubs associated in the Ekstraklasa elected two other members of the Supervisory Board:

•Krzysztof Zając (President of Korona Kielce); and

•Grzegorz Jaworski (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Piast Gliwice).


President of the Polish Football Association Zbigniew Boniek continues to remain a member of the Supervisory Board as a representative of the Polish Football Association.


The members of the Supervisory Board elected, from among its members, the Chairman - Karol Klimczak, the Deputy Chairman – Cezary Kulesza, and Secretary of the Supervisory Board – Roman Kusz.


- It was a very good and busy year for the Company. When we had started working twelve months ago we set ourselves the goal to reinstate the right proportions of activities because Ekstraklasa S.A. was established for the benefit of the clubs and not the other way around. We reinstated a good relationship with the Polish Football Association. We launched a tender for the television broadcasting rights and we are getting close to its completion. We resolved to implement changes within the Commission of the League. Acquisition of a new official partner, which is Bank PKO BP, and the resulting increase of revenues, are remarkable too. All of this allows me to state that the Management Board in the person of President Marcin Animucki has achieved all the set goals. New challenges are before us, in particular regarding youth training, where there is most to be done in terms of activity and development in the years, or even decades, to come – said Chairman of the Supervisory Board Karol Klimczak.


Ekstraklasa S.A. is a joint stock company whose shareholders are sixteen football clubs playing in the LOTTO Ekstraklasa and the Polish Football Association (PZPN). The main tasks of the Company include management of the games and sale of the television broadcasting and the marketing rights to the games.


The Supervisory Board of Ekstraklasa S.A., which consists of seven members, is elected for a term of office of one year. In accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company, the representatives of the four top clubs of the previous football season and a representative of the Polish Football Association have a guaranteed membership in the Supervisory Board of Ekstraklasa S.A., whereby two members of the Supervisory Board are elected by the representatives of the other 12 football clubs from among the candidates proposed by them.



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