New rules to organize the games of PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa

Ekstraklasa S.A. has prepared regulations providing for the rules to organize the games at the time of pandemic. Specific guidelines cover organization of games, marketing, TV production and cooperation with the mass media. The solutions are to ensure the maximum safety to all those working to support the games, and to allow continued maintaining of the existing high standards of broadcasting the games of PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa.

The development of the regulations was the responsibility of: the Operational Director of Ekstraklasa S.A. Marcin Stefański, the Director of the Communication, Marketing and Sales Department Marcin Mikucki and the Operational Director of Ekstraklasa Live Park Marcin Serafin. On 29 May 2020, PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa will resume the games in accordance with the already implemented schedule.

- We have prepared comprehensive solutions guaranteeing that the games of the PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa will run smoothly and safely, without compromising the quality of the broadcasting that we have been proud of for so long. Also, in the coming days, we will be holding in-depth consultations with the representatives of the clubs so that we can prepare each team for the organization of the games in accordance with the new guidelines accommodating the generally prevailing legal regulations and the recommendations issued by the governmental authorities, said President of Ekstraklasa S.A. Marcin Animucki.

- We have also contacted our television partners, sponsors, journalists and photojournalists who are bound to provide coverage in untypical novel conditions. The new regulations are intended to ensure the maximum safety with the staffing required to support the games reduced to a minimum while maintaining the safe distance between individual persons. The new rules and regulations cover organization of games, provide for the rules applicable to media and marketing and to the Ekstraklasa Live Park. I would like to thank all those involved, including in particular Marcin Stefański and Marcin Mikucki of Ekstraklasa S.A., and Marcin Serafin of Ekstraklasa Live Park, for their hard work – he added.

What will the organization of the PKO Banku Polski Ekstraklasa’s games look like in the weeks to come? The most important rule in the regulations provides for dividing stadiums into special zones. An ID badge will specify the zone/sector assigned to individual spectators, who will not be permitted to move around to go to other sectors. Press conferences after games will be closed to external media and take the form of television broadcasts. Journalists will be able to ask questions via spokespersons of the clubs. A ”zero” zone will accommodate only those who have underwent quarantine and been tested for the COV-19 coronavirus.

Ekstraklasa S.A. recommends it to the clubs to take all efforts in organizing the league games to encourage the fans to stay at home and away from gatherings. All the staff present at stadiums (with the exception of players, referees and trainers providing instruction to players) will be obliged to cover their mouth and nose as long as they are staying in the stadium.

- It’s a particular time for all those engaged in the support of the games. Every body present in the stadium is obliged to observe the generally applicable rules of law in terms of the hygienic regime, with particular emphasis put on the covering of mouth and nose. There will be no ball kids. Twenty-four balls will be prepared In advance so that a game may continue without halts. Installation of the LED lighting must be completed six hours before the start of games and the cameras must be ready three hours before a game. All forms of catering will be prohibited. There will be no player’s escort or mascots. We will discuss the details with each club one by one and take insight into the conditions on their stadiums, said Head of Competition of Ekstraklasa S.A. Marcin Stefański.

Special security procedures will also be provided for the staff of Ekstraklasa Live Park, who are responsible for the transmissions of the games and operation of the VAR broadcasts so as not to impair the broadcasting quality. Nearly 300 staff members went to quarantine in accordance with the rules set by the medical team under the guidance of Professor Krzysztof Pawlaczyk.

- Like the players and training staffs, every individual supporting transmission of the league games will be subjected to testing for the presence of COV-19 antibodies, and in case of any doubt will be referred for a swab test. We will have to observe strict sanitary regulations already during our transfer to the games and while working on the stadium. The rules even regulate the type of face masks, command staying in separate hotel rooms, disinfecting hands after every use of equipment answering medical questionnaire on a daily basis and undergoing measurement of the body temperature, explained Operational Director of Ekstraklasa Live Park, Marcin Serafin.

Every game of PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa may only be attended by a maximum of 15 journalists who will have special places to them outside the zones dedicated to those in isolation. In addition to the above quota, the holders of the TV broadcasting rights and representatives of the radio stations nominated by Ekstraklasa S.A. or specific clubs, as well as photojournalists – the latter have been assigned a quota of 10 persons per game - will be permitted to enter games.

All the provisions of the rules and regulations will be revised daily in line with subsequent recommendations of the Ministry of Health and other governmental institutions.



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