Polish Ekstraklasa signs new contracts regarding international broadcasts

Ekstraklasa SA continues its efforts to expand the broadcast of the league matches abroad. For the 2020/21 season, agreements covering 17 territories have been signed, including the latest contract, on the basis of which Polish matches are shown in Indonesia and East Timor. The league is also in the process of extending agreements with current partners for the next seasons. New contracts have already been signed for seasons from 2021/2022 to 2024/2025 regarding broadcasts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and with the league's biggest partner in terms of international rights - IMG Arena, which handles Ekstraklasa's international betting rights around the world.

"We are constantly working to make our games more accessible in various countries. This allows us to maintain ties with Polish fans, but also ensures the growing popularity of our league. It also happens, as in the case of Indonesia, that the interest in our games is connected with following the results of our foreign players by their compatriots. Regardless of the motivation, the phenomenon builds the value of our league, provides additional resources and promotes the popularity of our games. Thanks to our own production company, Ekstraklasa Live Park, we have full technological background that allows us to quickly make the broadcasts available all over the world in the highest possible quality. This makes our talks to broadcasters easier. We have a ready-made product for them and we can implement new contracts immediately", comments Marcin Animucki, President of the Management Board of Ekstraklasa SA.

Broadcasts of PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa matches in Indonesia and East Timor are conducted by Mola.TV in the 2020/21 season. This platform shows three matches per match-week, including each match of Lechia Gdańsk. It is in that team that the young Indonesian, Egy Maulana Vikri plays. Polish matches are made available with English commentary prepared by Premium Sports. Mola.TV has also rights to show top European football competitions in Indonesia, including the Bundesliga until 2025 and the English Premier League until 2022. In addition, the service shows the League of Nations and the English League Cup.

Currently, PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa match broadcasts are available in 17 international markets. Alongside Indonesia and East Timor, all matches are shown in Russia via Match.TV and in seven Balkan countries via Planet Sport TV – in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. In addition, two matches in each match-week are shown in Germany, Austria and Switzerland via Sportdigital TV and the Onefootball platform. In England and Northern Ireland the matches are broadcasted via Premium Sport and FreeSport, in Portugal via Channel 11, and in Israel via Charlton TV sports channels. Broadcasts of all matches all over the world, except for Poland and the Balkan countries covered by exclusive licensing agreements, are also available on the league’s OTT platform - Ekstraklasa.TV in a subscription or pay per view model.

It’s already known that also in the next 4 seasons, selected matches from each match-week will be shown in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. That’s the result of a new contract Ekstraklasa signed with Sportdigital television. Based on the license agreement, Sportdigital will be allowed to show matches on Sportdigital TV, and match highlights in the "Scooore" program on Sport1 (free-to-air TV), on the "commentaro" platform and on the DAZN platform. Under the new contract, Sportdigital will have the right to broadcast from 34 to 50 matches in each season. In parallel to the TV broadcast, all matches can be watched on Ekstraklasa.TV.

„We are very happy that we were able to extend our contract with Ekstraklasa, which is very popular with our viewers. With the top games and highlights from this competition, our programme offers a true and long-term beacon for the Polish community, which is the largest in Germany after the Turkish community. The games from the Ekstraklasa are a very valuable complement to our live games programme, especially on Friday and Monday", says Gisbert Wundram, Managing Director Sportdigital Fussball.

Ekstraklasa has also extended the license agreement with the British company IMG Arena, with which the league has been cooperating in the field of bookmaking rights all over the world, excluding Poland, since 2016. The new contract will cover broadcasting rights in retail betting shops and betting corners and on online platforms in the seasons 2021/2022-2024/2025.

“The Ekstraklasa is an ambitious organisation with an entertaining product. We are delighted to be extending our partnership and to stream a growing number of matches. Football is the world’s most popular sport, and we are committed to ensuring we have a high quality, diverse portfolio of content to engage fans across the globe”, comments Freddie Longe, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of IMG ARENA.

Since November 2018, Ekstraklasa has been independently selling centralized media rights domestically and internationally. Since 2011, the company has also been producing broadcasts of all matches via its subsidiary - Ekstraklasa Live Park. The signal is produced in the highest world standard 4K/Ultra HD (Ekstraklasa was the first entity in Poland with its own 4K broadcast vehicle) and transmitted via fiber optic cable to the London distribution center - BT Tower, from which broadcasters from all territories can receive the signal. Comprehensive preparation of the technological background allowed the league company, among others things, to sign quickly a number of contracts for the broadcast of the resumed league during the spring lockdown.



Ekstraklasa Live Park for the Viaplay platform



Ekstraklasa will be broadcast in 23 countries in the 2021/22 season



PKO Bank Polski and LOTTO will continue their sponsorship of Ekstraklasa for the next two seasons


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