The TRACAB system is set to launch on all LOTTO Ekstraklasa stadiums
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Starting on Matchweek 22, all LOTTO Ekstraklasa clubs will be able to use the TRACAB system provided by ChyronHego. This next step of development in Ekstraklasa, will allow the monitoring of the movements of all players - and the ball – and will provide access to completely new fitness data from all games. 

The system – installed and operated by Ekstraklasa’s sister production company, Ekstraklasa Live Park – consists of 6 cameras, and a server with additional tools. The TRACAB optical technology, uses images to determine the position of all moving “objects” – players, referees, and the ball. Thanks to this, information about the “objects” is generated in real time. Data can be presented graphically during live transmissions of games, and on all other multi-media channels.


- The implementation of the tracking technology on all LOTTO Ekstraklasa stadiums, is a next step in building value and professionalism of the league. We’re able to collect the same data which are generated by the top football leagues in Europe. This investment has two steps: first, it significantly enriches the quality of the TV signal generated by Ekstraklasa Live Park, but it also allows for the exact analysis of data, gathered on each player on the field. This can also help coaches and staff of LOTTO Ekstraklasa clubs, better prepare for the competition. – Ekstraklasa S.A Chairman, Marcin Animucki



Thanks to the partnership with ChyronHego, Ekstraklasa offers an exclusive product in the Polish football market. This is key in the context of selling media rights for LOTTO Ekstraklasa games, starting from the 2019/20 season. The data from this new system, will not only be used during the TV production of matches, but will also be available in reports sent to the media, on Ekstraklasa social media channels, and in the future also in the official Ekstraklasa mobile application.


- Each season we try and raise the quality of the transmission. The implementation of fitness data into the TV broadcast, is an undeniably important step, thanks to which we can easily find ourselves at the same level as the top leagues in Europe. We’re happy that this data can be helpful not only for fans, but for all coaching staff. It is our hope, that thanks to the detailed data - gathered with the special, high class technology – we’ll add a small brick in raising the level of the LOTTO Ekstraklasa competition – COO, Marcin Serafin


ll LOTTO Ekstraklasa clubs will receive fitness data on players, in real time during the games.

The data will also be widely shared on the official Ekstraklasa website – – and also in attractive forms on all LOTTO Ekstraklasa social media channels. The data encompasses, amongst other things, the distance a player/team runs (in kilometers), number of sprints, the speed of movement on the field, maximum speed, the position on the field, etc.



-  It’s a huge honor for ChyronHego, to be able to add LOTTO Ekstraklasa to our constantly growing list of the top football leagues, and the world’s top football competitions which also use the TRACAB system. Some of them are Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga. The technology is becoming more available, as clubs realize the usefulness of such data. This raises the value of the league, and brings benefit for everyone that’s part of the competition – Rickard Ohrn, ChyronHego President.



More information about the TRACAB systems, along with other ChyronHego products, can be found on


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