You can only watch the LOTTO Ekstraklasa football matches in the 4K HDR quality on NC+

This coming weekend, nc+ will first broadcast LOTTO Ekstraklasa matches in 4K HDR. The broadcast is possible thanks to close cooperation with Ekstraklasa Live Park who have been first in Poland to buy 4K HDR broadcasting vehicle.

On Saturday, 24 November, CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD will broadcast live the match between Lech Poznań and Wisła Płock, and the meeting between Lechia Gdańsk and Jagiellonia Białystok on Sunday, 25 November. Starting from the following weekend, nc+ will be broadcasting up to three matches in 4K HDR on each league matchday.  


With its 4K broadcasts of football matches on nc+, LOTTO Ekstraklasa comes only fourth after Premier League, Bundesliga and LaLiga Santander. - The nc+ platform is the leader in providing contents with the 4K HDR quality on the Polish market. We have been first in Poland to broadcast sports events in 4K HDR. Poland’s first 4K TV production: Poland’s Grand Prix in speedway racing was broadcast by us. We are happy to be now first to show LOTTO Ekstraklasa’s matches in 4K HDR. Our subscribers will be able to watch their favourite clubs in best quality picture. For nc+, this is yet another step on the way to development of the 4K HDR offer with Polish sports fans in mind – said Manuel Rougeron, President of the Management Board of nc+.


Ekstraklasa Live Park will be the producer of the 4K HDR television signal. The broadcasts will be performed from Poland’s first 4K HDR broadcast vehicle using 19 Grass Valley television cameras, including 2 Super Slow Motion and 1 Ultra Slow Motion cams and EVS VIA replay system. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature means better contrast, greater brightness levels and a wider colour palette. It makes TV image look that bit more like real life. It is based on the idea is that your eyes can perceive brighter whites and darker blacks, i.e. with greater dynamism than traditional TVs have been able to display. 


- Our role is not only to broadcast football matches in top quality but also to follow our industry’s worldwide development trends. The 4K standard will satisfy demands of TV audience also in Poland. Even today, high percentage of brand new purchased TV sets feature 4K quality matrix. This is only the beginning of the revolution. Our new vehicle can produce 4K signal with ever-higher clarity and hue gradation in the new HDR technology  – said Leszek Miklas, President of Ekstraklasa Live Park.


The broadcast vehicle purchased by Ekstraklasa Live Park is the Streamline and Alphaline manufactured by USA-based NEP Group Inc. in partnership with Germany-based Broadcast Solutions GmbH.The vehicles are widely used and highly rated by broadcasters worldwide. So far, Broadcast Solutions has created 40 such vehicles featuring advanced TV technology. Work on our vehicle started in July and was completed in November. This investment fits well within the operating strategy of Ekstraklasa S.A. who have always been relying on modern technology in development of Polish football league.. The 4K HDR is yet another technology novelty, after the fitness statistics provided by ChyronHego and the Ekstraklasa mobile app that LOTTO Ekstraklasa makes available to football fans.


LOTTO Ekstraklasa’s football matches in 4K HDR will be available for nc+ subscribers who have the newest 4K UltraBOX+ decoder and the CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD channel. Thanks to the high dynamic range technology featuring wide colour game, high colour rate and greater bit depth, all supported by the decoder, LOTTO Ekstraklasa’s games come in still more realistic, sharper and more detailed 4K image.  


Below is the schedule of the forthcoming broadcasts of LOTTO Ekstraklasa in CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD:


16th matchday 

24/11 18:00 Lech Poznań – Wisła Płock

25/11 18:00 Lechia Gdańsk – Jagiellonia Białystok


17th matchday

30/11 20:30 Jagiellonia Białystok – Arka Gdynia

01/12 20:30 Legia Warszawa – Korona Kielce

02/12 18:00 Cracovia – Lech Poznań


18th matchday

07/12 20:30 Lech Poznań – Śląsk Wrocław

08/12 20:30 Wisła Kraków – Jagiellonia Białystok

09/12 18:00 Lechia Gdańsk – Legia Warszawa


19th matchday

14/12 20:30 Jagiellonia Białystok – KGHM Zagłębie Lubin

15/12 20:30 Legia Warszawa – Piast Gliwice

16/12 18:00 Zagłębie Sosnowiec – Lech Poznań



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