PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa matches with a new intro and TV graphics

PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa has presented the new graphic design of the matches. Starting this season, before each league match, the fans can watch a completely changed TV intro. All match graphics have a new design as well. The latest graphic visualisation of PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa was designed in cooperation with a creative agency from London, DixonBaxi, which prepared projects for well-known brands such as Premier League, Eredivisie, FOX Sports or the electric version of Formula 1 – Formula E.

“We get inspiration from those who are the best, so while creating a new graphic visualisation, we observed such leagues as Premier League or Eredivisie, which have the reputation of the best-presented leagues in the world. All new match graphics were fully adjusted to the requirements of modern digital communication. They are powerful, dynamic and what distinguishes them is an uncompromising and bold style which perfectly reflects the character of our league. The new graphic design makes the broadcast more similar to football computer games, which are a form of entertainment for many of our young fans. It’s important for us to build interest in Ekstraklasa games also among those viewers. This season, we have also changed our approach to sponsor communication, including the titular partner of PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa, which takes into account the presentation of the official name”, says Marcin Mikucki, Director of Communication, Marketing and Sales Department at Ekstraklasa S.A.

The new graphic design of PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa is a characteristic combination of modern style and retro elements. “We created a full suite of live assets that enable Ekstraklasa to tell every match story effortlessly as the game unfolds. Each graphic is perfectly animated to express the unique Ekstraklasa layered motion system. We worked closely with Live Park and Keytoch to translate every graphic asset into a fully responsive live kit”, explains Haydn Clarke from DixonBaxi, who is responsible for the league’s new graphic design. The layers, inspired by application windows popping up on smartphone display, were put together with simple forms and a font taken from old computer games.


In the background the viewer can always see a clear, refreshed “E” sign on a pentagon symbolising a ball, and the whole is kept in colours which are well-presented on a TV, laptop or phone screen. The leading colour is a vivid, saturated dark blue and it is accompanied by bright cyan, a dark shade of grey and white. In terms of broadcast, TV graphics focus on a clear presentation of colours of the clubs in play. As Haydn Clarke explains, the designers wanted to show appreciation for the fans’ attachment to their teams. “Bold crops of team badges give passionate fans the chance to see their teams as a fundamental part of the league. They sit proudly alongside the newly energised Ekstraklasa brand”, says the producer.

“The implementation of the new visual identification during the football match broadcast as of 2019/2020 season, opens for us a cooperation with NC+ and TVP broadcasters under new contracts. The previous graphics has become a bit out-of-date. We have been using them for over six years. A great opportunity appeared to make some changes in the transmission and join the international leaders. In terms of production, these changes are very important – they are more dynamic, give more technical possibilities to manage the process, which is different for each game, and they keep up with technological development. In this respect, the Ekstraklasa Live Park company, which is responsible for TV broadcast, is world-class, also when it comes to 4K standard”, says Marcin Serafin, the COO at Ekstraklasa Live Park.


Apart from the new intro shown before the league matches broadcast, the results of the games, timetables, statistics or teams for a match will be presented in the same style. The new visual identification of Ekstraklasa with PKO Bank Polski’s logo will also appear on all other branding elements: stadiums, tickets and season tickets, on the players’ shirts and in official communication channels together with league applications.

The new intro of PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa is already available on the league’s social media channels.



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