Second season of Ekstraklasa Games is on

“Ekstraklasa Games 2020” – the second season of Poland’s largest FIFA game contest - begins on November 14. An extensive qualifying format, three different stages of the entire competition and an exceptional atmosphere created in the Polsat Games television studio will all be a source of great emotions for all participants. The Ekstraklasa tournament is open to everyone. Both amateurs and professionals may participate, competing for the right to take part in the grand finale staged in May 2020.

Ekstraklasa Games is one in a series of exclusive tournaments licensed as a FIFA 20 Official League Qualifier. This means that the best players are also competing for points in the FIFA 20 Global Series ranking, and for the right to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup. This season, the publisher of the game - EA Sports - decided that the participants of Ekstraklasa Games will be awarded with a higher number of points than it was the case the year before. This proves the increasing significance of the event.


- Last year, we joined the exclusive club of leagues which have launched their official e-sports counterparts. Judging by the results of the previous edition of Ekstraklasa Games, we notice a great enthusiasm of the participants and are convinced that the project is destined to thrive. Over 17,000 players registered to participate in the first season of the contest. Broadcasts aired on Polsat Games were followed, over the 5-day period, by 430,000 viewers, and all online broadcasts were displayed for the total of 1.3 million times. 860,000 views of the Ekstraklasa Games website were recorded throughout the season. We are convinced that the second edition will match the first in terms of the competition level and will be a source of even greater emotions, as we have switched from the league to a tournament system – says Marcin Mikucki, Communications, Marketing and Sales Department Director, Ekstraklasa S.A.


The tournament will comprise winter, spring and final rounds. The players with the highest scores from the entire season will qualify for the final round. Both the winter and the spring rounds will commence with online qualifying games (played separately for each Ekstraklasa club, on both console types). They will conclude with final games played by the winners of the clubs’ qualifying tournaments. During the final games of each round, the individual Ekstraklasa clubs will be represented by one player using Sony Play Station 4 and one using Xbox One.


Ekstraklasa Games matches will be played independently on both consoles, but just as it is the case in other international leagues, at the decisive stage of the season, i.e. during the Grand Finale, Poland’s best PS4 player will face its best Xbox One counterpart.


Depending on the final place of each Ekstraklasa club in the winter and spring round rankings, points for the general classification will be awarded. 8 best general classification clubs (on both consoles) after the winter and spring rounds will qualify for the final round that will be broadcast on Polsat Games.


- During the second Ekstraklasa Games season, we are aiming to increase the share of the Polish FIFA 20 community that is involved in the competition. The new format of the contest and the experience from last year’s edition will enable us - together with Ekstraklasa clubs - to tell even more interesting stories and to organize a perfect television showdown. We cannot wait to present the first of the surprises we have in store. The second edition of Ekstraklasa Games is twice as packed with (e)sports emotions that we proudly supply to the Polish players - days Bartosz Pawlik, Managing Director, Polsat Games.


KFC and Media Expert are the official partners of the competition. The same brands took advantage of last year’s edition of the contest by conducting dedicated advertising campaigns.  A wide range of partners is involved in the project, who are well familiar with the world of e-sports and are highly experienced in organizing Polish gaming industry’s most important projects. Polsat Games is an official media partner of the event. The league phase tournaments and the final games are staged in its studios. Cooperation with the publisher of the FIFA 20 game - Electronic Arts Polska - is of key significance as well. ESL Polska is the e-sports agency in charge of coordinating the tournament. The entire project is overseen by the Lagardere Sports marketing agency.


Ekstraklasa secures the revenues from the media rights until the 2022/23 season



Ekstraklasa increases its payments to the clubs – Legia to get EUR 7 million for the 2019/2020 season



Dutch agency Expoza will support Ekstraklasa properties on YouTube


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